Sunday, October 29, 2006

Winner's Choice Raffle Dinner

rich_dinner 022
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Doesn't this look yummy? Baked salmon with sweet potato puree, wilted arugula and israeli couscous? And all for the low, low price of $10!
Chefs and hosts Frances & Mike and Steph & Tom sold $10 tickets all summer long for a "Winner's Choice Raffle" -- and raised more than $2,500 towards the stabilization of the former St. Joseph's Church. The winner was a member of the order of the Sisters of St. Joseph (ironically enough) who bought a chance at an open house at the church, but she declined the party.
Back to the drawing board they went (or back into the fishbowl, as it were) and lo and behold -- the winner was Rich Nagengast!
Rich chose dinner for eight at his hosts' lovely Center Square residence, and feasted on appetizers including baked brie with sundried tomatoes, shrimp cocktail, and encrusted tortellini; followed by a cream of broccoli soup. The salad course was a mixture of field greens with pears and crumbled cheese, and the main course is described above.
Since Mark's birthday is on the 30th, the dessert was a birthday cake!
Happy Birthday, Mark ~ Congratulations, Rich ~ and thanks to Albany's "Cooking Quartet" for a great fundraising event!


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