Monday, May 07, 2007

Committee 150 Wins "Sense of Place" Award

Whether they hosted a fundraiser, went to several parties, or purchased a single raffle ticket, Committee 150 supporters were honored at the Albany History Fair on Sunday, May 6 with a Sense of Place Award.

"We were delighted to learn that Committee 150's grassroots initiative to raise funds, raise awareness and imagine the possibilities for the former St. Joseph's Church was recognized for contributing to Albany's unique Sense of Place," said Colleen Ryan, Committee 150 co-founder. "Over 1,100 people pitched in, and together, we've raised nearly $150,000."

Photo: Left to Right --
Committee 150 steering committee members Mac Mowbray, Colleen Ryan and Chuck Kuhtic. (Steering Committee members not pictured: Bill Brandow, Elizabeth Griffin and Erin Tobin.)


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